Life is A Long Journey
My Dad has retired from his job, the last job was Kepala Kejaksaan Tinggi Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (Kajati NAD). It is his best birthday present : retired on the 60th years old. It is a rule of Kejaksaan, when you are 60th then on your birthday you will receive retired letter from your boss (Jaksa Agung on my Dad case). He was deppressed, I am sure. From his voice and face, I can saw and felt it. But he tried not to show his feeling infront of us, his children.

But then, I got surprises, one day he called me to ask me to go to LPSK (Lembaga Perlindungan Saksi dan Korban) at Gedung Pengadilan Tipikor, Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. MY DAD APPLIED FOR A JOB ON HIS 60TH YEARS OLD!!!!!??????

OMG, I couldnt stand not to crying, this is my Dad. He always have a enthusiasm, spirit, and big energy to do the job. He didnt give up! I am very proud of him.

At that day, on my way to the building, I pray and pray to God so that He can gave the best answer of my Dad wish.

Surprisingly, until now, My Dad still on the list. Today is the announcement of the 3rd phase of selection of LPSK.from 123 people he still in 29 candidate to move on.

God give my father strength to overcome whatever is coming

6 Des 07 – Today my father take the test for Calon Pimpinan LPSK at Hotel Niko, Thamrin, Jakarta. Started on 13.30 he answer the question from 5-6 people one of is Teten Mazduki. From 29 candidate, there will be 21 to give to the Presiden and the President will choose 14 candidates to move on to DPR in time DPR will choose only 7 person to become Pimpinan LPSK.

Wush… there’s must be a long and hard journey for my father. But i am very proud of him. Go Pa, go…

And Door was Closed

Today (12 Des 07)  is the announcement of Calon Pimpinan LPSK, what my father had test before, already on to phase #4…. the candidate left was 29. So today, 8 candidates will out of the list.The sad things is when i saw there was no my father name on the list. God, this is the best way you give for my father, for sure, with no doubt. But it’s still make me down. I can’t sleep at nite.Dreaming… i dont know what am i dream for but still couldnt get a good sleep today. I sms my father, the reply was : “it’s okay, not our fortune, notmy luck. Anyway I am happy I was able to go to top 29 people.”I dont know how to reply it, untill I wrote this.Usually I call my sister, but on 10th dec she was went to australia, melbourne to see her big sister.If I were the phase #3 was his last chance to interview, i have just got my camera and made the photo of him in that Niko Hotel.My Allah give my father a strenght … amiiin.