I closed my 2 CC (HSBC) on Sept 2007. Along with BNI CC. No problem’s accured with BNI but soooo many problem with HSBC.

Before closed the CC, I made a phone call to HSBC Call Centre and they confirmed how many should I pay to closed my card. And I did pay as much as they told me. A month later, they gave me 2 statements, 1 card is overpayed (so I have CR balance) and 1 card is underpayed (so I have obligation to clear the balance DR).

Then, I asked them to just simply tranfer the CR balance to DR balance (the amount is only diff Rp 10.000,-) They asked me to faxed the letter about that tansfer. and i did.

A month latter, again 1 received 1 statement, that i have to pay some amount with interest. ANd NOTHING’S happen with the transfer. Their staff said they didn’t received the fax. How come, while after I fax it I alredy confirmed with the staff and she promise to settle the problem.

Then, I fax again!  And they promise me to settle the problem, again.  A month after, I got my NEW CREDIT STATEMENT, and i have balance Rp 240.000 on CR side.  This is too much! 

I made a phone call again, and I think ‘maybe indonesian can’t solve my problem? Where’s the HQ og HSBC, hm.. maybe i should wrote them!’.  Then I wrote an e-mail to hongkong, from their site.  Guess what? 1 day after, i got my reply.  They said that I should address my problem to Indonesia Branch! Too bad…

Oke, I have to settle this with Indonesian Branch.  I back and forth, again and again, called them.  And I always got “Credit Statement” with interest because of late payment.
 Very dissapointed!
I do not want to have any business relation with HSBC anymore.

Supprisingly, after several months, this case are closed…. On January 2008!